The Way of Harmony



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Homepage of the Kai Shin Kai – the organisation to which the club is affiliated to.

The British Aikido Board is recognised by the Sports Council as the governing body for Aikido in the United Kingdom to ensure professional standards are being maintained.

Official website of world headquarters of Aikido.

Frequently asked questions about Aikido (including songbook!).

Quick search site for Aikido clubs in the UK.

Another popular site for information, products and forums about Aikido.

Website of Rupert Atkinson – a former instructor.

More general info and forums about Aikido.

Website of another traditional Aikido club in Sheffield.

Type in “Aikido” - the results are hit and miss (no pun intended), but easy to download the videos.

Another video site, mostly American, but a variety of Aikido videos.

Great website for weapons and clothing. /kenshinkan.htm

Another Aikido club in Sheffield and member of the British Aikido Association

London centred aikido website.

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